Counselor & Adolescent Coordinator

Sarah Hoffmaster, ADT

Sarah Hoffmaster, ADT

Alcohol and Drug Trainee

Sarah is an Alcohol and Drug Counselor trainee who works at the Columbia location. She co-facilitates the Intensive Outpatient Group for Adult Substance abuse, the Outpatient Group for Teen Substance Abuse, the DBT Group for Teens and leads the Teen Early Intervention Group for Substance Abuse. With a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre, Sarah gravitates toward creative treatment interventions as well as expressive art therapies. She is currently fulfilling requirements of a graduate program in Applied Psychology for the University of Baltimore which will enable her to apply for licensure as a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor upon completion. With over 15 years of professional and volunteer experience working with youth and adolescents in education, ministry and performance settings, Sarah is comfortable transitioning to a clinical setting with these populations. Sarah has been married for 14 years and has two boys, who have all taught her to seek balance between self, relationships, work and motherhood. Sarah works under the supervision of Lisa Cohen, LGPC, CAC-AD.

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